Benefiting from the heat recovery operation of the CITY MULTI R2 system, Booster unit converts energy from the air to higher temperatures suitable for supplying hot water and results in virtually no energy waste. Booster unit can produce hot water at temperatures up to 70°C in the return line, with a heating capacity of up to 12.5kW per module which, however, is scalable in relation to internal demand. It may be used to create hybrid systems, with both hydronic modules and VRF direct expansion units. For instance, this makes it possible for the system to produce domestic hot water and heat or cool the air in the indoor space using the most suitable indoor units of the Mitsubishi Electric range.


  • Minimal external energy demand, even when the system is operating in air conditioning mode. The heat drawn from the air is used to heat water.
  • When the system functions predominantly in air conditioning mode – in summer, for example – hot water is produced with extremely low energy consumption. This makes it possible for the system to attain very high COP values.
  • Continuously variable heating power in relation to demand, made possible by the inverter motor scroll compressor, which reduces energy consumption proportionally.
  • Compact dimensions and very light weight. These modules may be mounted on walls, even in intermediate positions. Practically zero floor space usage.
  • Individual thermal energy consumption billing with field devices.