The WY-Series has all the benefits of the Y-Series using water source condensing units. Condensing units can be situated indoors allowing greater design flexibility and no limitation on building size. Depending on capacity, up to 17 to 50 indoor units can be connected to a single condensing unit with individualized and/or centralized control. The two-pipe system allows all CITY MULTI solutions to switch between cooling and heating while maintaining a constant indoor temperature.


  • Outdoor unit optimized for cooling performance (EER)
  • Single module system for installations up to 20HP for minimized space usage and extreme simplicity of installation
  • Extended operating range in cooling mode with maximum temperatures up to 52°C
  • Max size up to 60 HP
  • Evaporating temperature control system (E.T.C.)
  • New flanged duct and new DC inverter fan motor
  • More compact and lighter than YHA outdoor unit series
  • Conventional bi-metal (copper/aluminium) heat exchanger
  • Extended piping length

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