The Mitsubishi Electric solution for the replacement market of VRF R22 systems is characterized by the 3-R: Re-use, Re-placement and Re-newal. The innovative Replace Multi solution of Mitsubishi Electric makes it possible to reuse components and structural elements of existing plant rather than completely replace all units and refrigerant lines. This raises the owner from discomforts of the complete replacement of the air conditioning system (for example, new pipes, the destruction walls and stopping of the activities and business during the renovations).


 Reduction in waste and time also results in minimized construction work cost by approximately 55% compared to the conventional total system replacement. The major cutback achieved here is the pipe work costs by reusing existing piping which generally involves demolitions of exterior and interior walls, and rooftops. Moreover, theses feature add up to not only less labor, materials, lower operating costs, but also reduce costs for waste disposal.

Mineral oil collection with Mitsubishi Electric’s unique flushing operation is carried out while the new refrigerant is being charged (if the length or diameter of the refrigerant pipe is unknown). With this advance technology, the cleaning process is completed quickly, thoroughly and automatically to keep the air environment comfortable.

Amount of refrigerant required for the system is automatically determined and charged after the mineral oil collection is completed.

Automatically performed by just setting the dip switch, mineral oil collection can even be performed without turning off the air conditioners. Therefore, it can maintain a comfortable indoor air environment, cooling or heating operation with Y series outdoor unit, and cooling operation with R2 series.

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