VRF technology and efficiency can now be delivered in both small and large capacities, offering a cost-effective solution to connect up to 30 indoor units to one small, powerful, mini VRF unit.


Delivering VRF efficiency, quality, and functionality, with the additional flexibility of being free-standing or wall-hung, this side-blow unit makes the most of even the smallest plant spaces.

Ideal for high specification residential and retail spaces in city centers.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Mini VRF Heat Pump Outdoor Unit Small footprint, long pipe-runs and wall-hanging capability provide the flexibility of installation.
  • Broad compatibility across M Series, Mr Slim* and City Multi indoor units, providing design choice.
  • Choice of operation mode: ‘Silent mode’ for noise sensitive areas or ‘demand control’, for maximum efficiency.
  • Unique fan capability provides 30 Pascals of static pressure as standard, allowing extra sound attenuation or the ability to duct discharge air away from the unit.
  • Available in both single and three phase options.**

*Mr Slim units available for use with PUMY-P112 – P200 units only.

**Three Phase only for PUMY-P200-300 units.

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