A power package in a smaller and nicer package that is also quieter and more efficient than ever.

Ecodan is one of our best sellers. No wonder considering how easy it is to install and how reliable the system is. After a while, the system learns which ones are special conditions that apply precisely to your house and adapt heating for the most efficient possible energy use. Mitsubishi Electric’s stepless inverter technology allows only exactly the amount of power needed to heat the house is used. No energy is wasted, which both your wallet and the environment thank you for. Mitsubishi Electric’s heat pumps are built to give you the best possible indoor climate without being heard. Ecodan is also equipped with Quiet mode, which means that it can, for example, go even quieter underneath the nights so as not to disturb your sleep.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • More environmentally friendly with the refrigerant R32

  • Specially built for the Nordic climate

  • One of the lowest noise levels on the market

  • BBR approved for new construction

  • Quiet mode

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