The CITY MULTI WR2 series provides all of the advantages of the R2 series with the added advantages of a water heat source system, making it suitable for wider range of applications in high rises, frigid climates, coastal areas,etc. Not only does it produce heat recovery from the indoor units on the same 2-pipe refrigerant circuit, it also produces heat recovery via the water circuit between heat source units, making it a very economical system.

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  • Outdoor unit optimized for seasonal performance (SCOP, SEER)
  • New Bottom SubCool Circuit (BSCC) refrigeration circuit
  • Extended operating range in cooling mode, with maximum temperatures up to 52C
  • New Scrool compressor with DC inverter motor and induction pre-heating system
  • Continuous heating with new heat exchange coil using split operation technology
  • All aluminium FLAT TYBE heat exchanger with high thermal exchange efficiency micro-channels (A world first for VRF systems)
  • Increased geometric limits