The City Multi Standard Y Series makes use of a two pipe refrigerant circuit throughout, with the choice of either Branch Pipe or Header Pipe feeds to indoor units, with manual changeover from cooling to heating to ensure that a constant indoor climate is maintained. The
compact outdoor unit utilizes R410A refrigerant and an INVERTER-driven compressor to use energy effectively. With a wide line-up of indoor units in connection with a flexible piping system, the CITY MULTI series can be configured for all applications.

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  • Outdoor unit optimized for cooling performance (EER)
  • Single module system for installations up to 20HP for minimized space usage and extreme simplicity of installation
  • Extended operating range in cooling mode with maximum temperatures up to 52°C
  • Max size up to 60 HP
  • Evaporating temperature control system (E.T.C.)
  • New flanged duct and new DC inverter fan motor
  • More compact and lighter than YHA outdoor unit series
  • Conventional bi-metal (copper/aluminium) heat exchanger
  • Extended piping length