With a wide line-up of indoor units in connection with a flexible piping system, the CITY MULTI series can be
configured for all applications. Up to 50 (Y series) indoor units can be connected with up to 130% connected
capacity to maximize engineer’s design options. This feature allows easy air conditioning in each area with
convenient individual controllers.

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  • Compact Design. Industry Leading Weight Saving / Industry Leading Space Saving
  • Low Noise Levels. New Fan Design
  • Blue Fin Treatment.  The anti-corrosion Blue Fin treatment of the heat exchanger is especially effective in urban environments where the traffic pollution can damage the aluminum fins reducing the capacity and life expectancy of the unit. All CITY MULTI R410A outdoor units have been treated with Blue Fin.
  • System Check. Ensuring simple and easy maintenance, system tests are available to check wiring, sensors and the refrigerant amount.
  • Expand Operation Temperature Range. Capable of running cooling operations in the outdoor temperature of up to 52C.
  • Increase in the limit of Piping Length