The refrigeration side of the module may be connected to VRF CITY MULTI SMALL Y and Y Series outdoor heat pump units, or to R2 heat recovery units. The hydronic side of the module may feed heated underfloor systems or other similar utilities, to provide heating in winter, or cooling in summer. Connecting these modules to R2 Series outdoor units offers extraordinarily levels of efficiency, especially in spring and autumn, with extremely high COP values. The HWS hydronic module can produce hot water at temperatures up to 45°C, with a heating capacity of up to 12.5 kW per module which, however, is scalable in relation to internal demand.


  • Compact dimensions and very limited weight comparable to a wall-mounted boiler.
  • Superior comfort with minimal operating costs.
  • Sophisticated control system.
  • Individual thermal energy consumption billing with field devices.
  • Outdoor operating temperature range, heating mode: -20°C to +32°C (R2 heat recovery series); -20 to +15.5°C (Y heat pump series)