Built-in floor units: simplified installation for effective air conditioning performance.

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  • Compact unit for easy air conditioning in perimeter zones. The unit is designed for applications requiring a built-in, concealed, floor-standing unit.
  • Installation flexibility. The unit can be field-converted from top discharge to front discharge to increase installation flexibility.
  • Maximum external static pressure 60Pa. The additional external static pressure capacity provides flexibility for duct extension, branching, and air outlet configuration.
  • Cooling dehumidification function. The electronic dehumidifier function uses cooling to dehumidify the air. Superlative temperature-based dehumidification function to prevent overcooling, for a cooling dehumidification effect.
  • Automatic fan speed adjustment. The automatic fan speed adjustment mode ensures fast, comfortable heating as soon as heating mode is activated. Automatic fan speed control is included in the three standard modes “Low”, “Medium” and “High”, and ensures faster, comfortable air conditioning by increasing the air flow speed on activation and then reducing speed once stable comfort levels are attained.