A high performance floor-standing air conditioner unit with an elegant design for lounges, bedrooms or offices where style is imperative.

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  • Sophisticated design. A floor-standing air conditioner unit boasting an innovative design and combining simple, linear lines with a wide
    choice of functions. Conceived to leave the walls free, a unit that delivers comfortable cooling performance in summer and pleasant heat in winter. The gloss pure white finish lends the unit a premium look suitable for any interior space. Both the upper and lower air vents are closed when the air conditioner is switched off, giving the unit an elegantly stylish feel.
  • Slim but powerful. The ideal size for a lounge, bedroom and many other rooms. The front panel is removable and washable, making the unit extremely simple to clean.
  • Ideal air distribution. Air is distributed powerfully and effectively via the upper and lower air vents, ensuring a comfortable temperature throughout the room. The angle of the upper vent is settable into 5 different positions (+ swing and automatic modes) from a remote control, while 4 different air speed settings are available.