Featuring very precise ambient temperature control, the VMA(L) series ducted unit offers unparalleled energy efficiency.

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  • Compact unit. The entire VMA(L) series offers extraordinarily compact dimensions: measuring just 250 mm in height, this the perfect solution for installation in cramped spaces.
  • Static pressure.  The static pressure may be modified to cater for all types of ducting and to allow for functional upgrades such as installing high performance filters, etc. To cater for different layouts and configurations, the static pressure is adjustable within a range from 35Pa to 150 Pa.
  • Condensate lift pump. The VMA is equipped with a condensate lift pump.
  • Intake on underside of unit. During installation, the unit may be configured with the air intake on the underside.
  • Analogue input. Analogue input allows unit to control the fan speed setting in conjunction with damper condition.