The screen background can be set to black to suit the ambience of the room



• Backlit LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) Large, easy-to-see display
• Night Setback -When the room temperature goes outside of a certain range during the predetermined period, this function automatically starts heating or cooling operation to prevent dew condensation or an excessive temperature increase in the room.
• Dual set point * – When the operation mode is set to the Auto (dual set point) mode, two preset
temperatures (one each for cooling and heating) can be set. Depending on the room temperature, indoor unit will automatically operate in either the Cooling or Heating mode and keep the room temperature within the preset
• 3D i-see sensor *Settings for 3D i-see sensor can be performed.
• Draft reduction *“Close” has been added to the manual vane angle selection. The air outlet can be closed to reduce drafts from the air conditioner.
• Auto descending panel * Panels can be lowered/raised using the remote controller. The descending distance of the panel can also be selected.