Mitsubishi Electric’s new range of high specification, flat panel wall mounted models make use of inverter technology, whilst providing extremely good value for money, costing approximately 20% less than the MSZ-HJ equivalent. These units have extremely quiet sound levels, whilst also delivering economical air conditioning, with improved SCOP/SEER figures. Ideal for use in any size room, many units come equipped with a wide-angle airflow system, as well as an automatic swing vane, allowing airflow to be extended to every corner of a room.


  • Available for 5, 6.1 and 7.1Kw (18.000, 21.000 and 24.000Btu/hr)
  • Comfortable indoor climate all year round
  • Compact indoor units for easy installation
  • Quiet night mode with a noise level of just 23 dB(A)
  • Automatic restart in case of power failures
  • Swing Vane Mode with Auto Vane Shutter
  • The outdoor units come pre-charged with R410A refrigerant
  • Infrared Remote Controller
  • Three fan levels and ‘Swing Mode’ function for quicker room cooling
  • Automatic adjustment of the airflow in cooling mode
  • Five selectable air outlet angles for individual direction of the airflow
  • Econo Cool – allows set temperature to be raised by 2 C without any loss of comfort and a 20% gain in energy efficience