The F Series is designed for optimum cooling / heating performance as well as operational comfort. Quiet, energy-saving operation is supported by some of Mitsubishi Electric’s latest technologies. Advanced functions such as “3D i-see Sensor” temperature control and Plasma Quad air purification system raise room comfort levels to new heights.



  • High Energy Efficiency. Power consumption has been reduced for the cooling and heating modes thanks to the incorporation of our newest inverter technologies. The high energy efficiency of the Size 25 units has obtained a rating of more than 5.0 for both seasonal coefficient of performance (SCOP) and seasonal energy efficiency rating (SEER).
  • Plasma Quad. Air, like water, is something we use everyday unconsciously. Yet, clean, fresh air is a vital part of creating a healthy space for humans. Achieving this healthy air is Plasma Quad, a plasma-based filter system that effectively removes four kinds of air pollutants; namely, bacteria, viruses, allergens and dust, which the air contains countless particles of.
  • 3D i-see Sensor. The FH Series is equipped with 3D i-see Sensor, an infrared-ray sensor that measures the temperature at distant positions. While moving to the left and right, eight vertically arranged sensor elements analyze the room temperature in three dimensions. This detailed analysis makes it possible to judge where people are in the room, thus allowing hitting people directly, and “direct airflow” to deliver airflow to where people are.