Developed to complement modern interior room décor, Kirigamine ZEN air conditioners are available in three colors specially chosen to blend in naturally whenever installed. The streamlined wall mounted indoor units have eloquent silver edges, expressing sophistication and quality. Combining impressively low power consumption and quiet yet powerful performance, these units provide a best-match scenario for diverse interior designs while simultaneously ensuring maximum room and energy savings.

Colors: White, Silver, Black



  • Superior Exterior and Opening Concept. The indoor of Kirigamine ZEN keeps its amazingly thin form even during operation. The only physical change notable is the movement of the variable vent. As a result, a slim attractive is maintained.
  • Convenient Built- in Weekly Timer. All ZEN indoor units are equipped with Weekly Timer and come with a remote controller as standard equipment. (Weekly Timer settings are input via the remote controller.)
  • Energy- Efficient Operation. All models in the series have achieved the ‘Rank A’ energy – savings ratings, and are contributing to reduced energy consumptions in homes, offices and a range of other settings.
  • Quiet Comfort All Day Long. Mitsubishi Electric’s advanced ‘Silent Mode’ fan speed setting provides ultra – silent operation as low as 21dB. Equipped in all units, this unique feature makes the Kirigamine ZEN series ideal for use in most any situation. It’s so quiet that you ‘ll check to see if it’s on.