The CITY MULTI S Series (for small applications) make use of a two-pipe refrigerant system, which allows for system changeover from cooling to heating, ensuring that a constant indoor climate is maintained in all zones. With a wide range of indoor unit line up in connection with a flexible piping system, the CITY MULTI S Series can be configured for all applications. Up to 12 indoor units can be connected with up to 130% connected capacity to maximize engineer’s design option. This feature allows easy air conditioning in each area with convenient individual controllers.

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  • Highly efficient fan and grille for outdoor unit
  • Highly efficient heat exchanger
  • Heat Intercharger (HIC) added
  • Light weight
  • Smaller footprint
  • More quietness thanks to the new fan
  • Connectable to ATW modules for hot water production
  • Top performance and COP> 4 on the entire range
  • Connectable to residential indoor units series by LEV Kit
  • Native Replace Technology function for the replacement of R22 systems