High capacity, Energy savings and a Design in harmony with living spaces.

Raise the value of your room to the Next Level



  • Comfortable climate all year round
  • Whisper-quiet operation from just 22 dB(A) (MFZ-KA25VA)
  • Infrared remote control with fuzzy logic and 24-hour timer
  • Winter kit for cooling operation down to -10°C
  • The DC inverter technology saves power and maximizes comfort by reducing temperature fluctuations in the air output significantly
  • Three unique shaped vanes control the airflow and allow the freedom to customize comfort according preferences.
  • Very light and compact design for versatile installation
  • Long-life washable Catechin filter and anti-allergenic enzyme filter included as standard equipment
  • Automatic restart in case of power failures
  • Three standard fan levels and an additional Super High fan level in automatic mode for accelerated cooling and heating