The secret to the unmatched comfort provided by Lossnay core is the cross-flow, plate-fin structure off the heat-exchange unit. A diaphragm made of a specially processed paper fully separates inducted and exhausted air supplies, ensuring that only fresh air is introduced to the indoor environment. The superior heat-transfer and moisture permeability of the special paper assure highly effective total heat exchange (temperature and humidity) when inducted and exhausted air supplies cross in the Lossnay core.


  • Comfort and energy savings. With universally recognised efficiency, Lossnay heat exchanger ventilation units use energy recovery to offer significant energy savings. All Lossnay units are equipped with class “G3” air filter. LGH models may also be equipped with a class “F7” high efficiency filter.
  • Simple construction
  • Comfortable air exchange action, in either cold or hot outdoor conditions. Summer – Difference in temperature between new fresh air and air already in room of only 1.7°C / Winter – 4 kg/h humidity recovered.
  • Low noise
  • Weekly timer with New dedicated remote control