Our Ecodan CRHV ground / water source heat pump units provide a renewable heating solution capable of delivering the highest level of COP efficiency throughout the year. These units use the same inverter technology as our air source systems, allowing them to extract heat from the ground, aquifer or open loop system with maximum efficiency. The scalability of a ground / water source system also helps to make larger projects more cost effective.



  • Bore holes, slinkies, aquifers, lakes, rivers, waste heat -can all be used as a heat source
  • Multiple unit cascade control of up to 960kW capacity
  • Split refrigerant circuits within each CRHV provide 50% back up
  • Ability to rotate units based on accumulated run hours
  • Provides up to 65°C water flow temperatures without booster heaters
  • Low maintenance, low refrigerant volume hermetically-sealed monoblock design
  • Heat recovery applications can be achieved by moving heat between applications
  • Passive cooling possible by exchanging ground/water source with a chilled water system
  • Low pressure drop to ensure pumping power is kept to a minimum
  • High specification touch screen controls interfacing with BEMS

The ground itself is a very efficient source of energy for heat pump systems. Ground source heat pumps use the Earth’s natural solar collection and heat storage capabilities as an infinite heat source/heat sink.
At between 1.7m and 3m below the ground, the temperature changes from 17ºC in the summer to 10ºC in the winter.
Deeper down however, the temperature of the ground is a constant 10ºC all year round. It is these relatively constant, dependable temperatures that can be harnessed using ground source heat pumps. The constant ground temperatures allow the heat pump to operate at optimum efficiency, producing higher COP’s than its air source rivals as the high summer or low winter temperatures do not influence performance. Heat is extracted from the ground using water which is pumped through a network of plastic pipes.