MELCloud is the new generation of Cloud based control for Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning, Heating and Heat Recovery Ventilation products. MELCloud provides users with effortless control of their devices whether they are out or are just lying on their sofa at home.

Accessing and controlling your Mitsubishi Electric products has never been simpler and is now possible via a wide range of PC, Tablets and Smartphones.



  • MELCloud provides Live Controls, Scenes, Weekly and Seasonal Timers providing complete flexibility for controlling several Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning, Heating or Heat Recovery Ventilation systems from a single device or location.
  • Logging and Error notification is also possible from both local and remote systems when they are connected to MELCloud.
  • Localized information such as Weather Feeds and Customer Support contact details are also provided by the MELCloud application.
  • The Wi-Fi Interface connects to your local router via wireless connection.